Workout Finisher(AthleanX)

Bicep Workout Finisher:
2 rounds of:
Dumbbell Curl:10RM for AMAP
Chin Up Hang:45~60sec
Band Curl:AMAP

Tricep Workout Finisher:
2 Rounds of
Tricep Kickback: 12 rep
Incline Dumbbell Extension :failure
French Press:failure
Cobra pushup:failure

Shoulder Workout Finisher:
2 Rounds of:
Bent Lateral Raise:10~12Rep
Side Lateral Raise:failure
Front Raise:failure
Overhead Dumbbell Press:failure

Leg Workout finisher:
2 rounds of:
Weighted Jump Squat:8rep
Dumbbell Front Squat:10rep
Weighted Wall sit:As long as possible
Wall site:As long as possible

Home Ab Workout Finisher:
2 Rounds of:
Wall Plant Plank:30s
Cross Knee Plank:30s
Toe Touch Plank:each leg 10 times
Wall Jack Plank:10 times

Chest Workout Finisher
2 rounds of
Incline Bench Press 10~12reps
Dip hold for 30sec
Cable fly for 20 reps
One arm incline bench press 10~12reps
and do some stretch

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