The workshop was about 3 hours long, the lecturer divided it into three parts.

In the first hour, the lecturer introduced the basic of Blender (including Interface, Edit , Add-ons, Manipulate objects, create objects, modeling……)

In the second hour, the focus moved on to the next part : Camera, Light and Rendering.

Below is the note I took during the 3 hours workshop, if you want a more detailed version, please check out the link to download the tutorial PDF.


Some course outline:

Interface introduction
Add-ons install
How to: Move, rotate, scale

Resolution Scale(Scale the texts and icons to a bigger size)
Translation(Change to different Languages)
Using GPU and CPU simultaneously (It can increase the rendering effeciency)
Render Properties->Render Engine choose “Workbench” (Real-life lighting and shadows)
Prss F12 to Render our image, and “J” to change the render result

#select all the objects
Just Press “A” not “Ctrl+A”

#Change the property of an Object
View->Side Bar, we can change “Location, Rotation, Scale, Dimensions”

#How to set the box to default size, location, scale?
1.just change it on the Transform panel
2.Object->Clear->”Location, Rotation, Scale”

We can only modify the box’s size, scale in Object Mode(Left side)
If we want to do more advanced stuff,we can change mode to Edit Mode.

#How to select 點、線、面?

We can change the selection method by click the icon next to “edit mode”(the short cut would be “1”,”2",”3")

#Increase or decrease selection

Press “Ctrl” to increase selection
Press “Alt” to decrease selection

#How to subdivide?

After choose the edges we want to assign to, we can right click to subdivide it.

# ”G” to Move;"Z" to Move Z axis only

click “G” & “Z” to move the line in Z axis only

#How to create new Objects

In the Edit Mode, we can click Add to create new Objects

#How to add Texture or Colors to Objects?

in the right side of the Software(A triangle icon), we can change the color of the object

#How to Output(rendering)
in the Output Properties panel:

#The functions of different numbers in Numeric keypad

0:camera view
1:front view
7:top view
3:right side view

2,4,6,8 : rotate or change the view by these keys(↑↓←→)

My Thoughts About This Workshop:

The lecturer was pretty skilled at teaching how to use Blender so the course went from shallow to pretty deeper. If you don't have ant relevant experience before you may find it difficult to catch up the pace of the workshop. But I still think it is a great course, it included almost everything you need to know to become an entry level 3D draftsman.

Through this workshop, I knew the basic concepts of Blender and got comfortable with the interfaces.

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