Top 3 Ways to Learn Any Programming Language & Framworks

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Back to 2017, I just a programming beginner, and don’t have any coding experience(except HTML&CSS). I just read some coding tutorial, but don’t actually write my own code.

So, What’s the method I used this one year?

( 1 ) Knowing How to Search on Google and YouTube

For example: Awesome Python, Python Tutorial

( 2 ) Searching and Trying Project on GitHub

You can simply type: Python CMS (to build a website), Python Scraping(to collect data from specific URL)

Clone it and checking the code, do some change.

( 3 )Reading Articles on Medium

#BONUS: Output(Articles or Videos, Podcasts……)

Writing Down What You Learn on Medium

Here’s what you can earn by output the thing you learn:

  1. Understand more clearly.
  2. Become a more organized person.
  3. Sharing what you learn can be a happy thing.

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Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Python / Flutter

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