The Ultimated Guide to Lose Fat

The Training Schedule

Monday — Squats + conditioning*

Tuesday — Bench press + conditioning*

Wednesday— traditional cardio or active recovery

Thursday — Deadlift + conditioning*

Flex Friday — arms and abs, just ‘cause

Saturday — traditional cardio or active recovery

Sunday — traditional cardio or active recovery

*main strength movement, an optional accessory superset, then the conditioning pieces.

*As “two a days” — main strength movement, plus 3–5 accessory exercises in the morning before work, followed by a quick conditioning session after work.

Conditioning Workouts

Workout A: Hill sprints

Sprint uphill (30sec on,60sec off) x 10–12 rounds

Workout B: “EMOM” Bike Sprints

(Sprint for 20sec then rest for 40 sec) x 12–15 rounds.

Workout C: Jumping Rope

Jumping : 60sec on ,60sec off for 10 rounds

Workout D: Sled Push

30–60sec on, 60–120sec off Perform 8–10 intervals.

Workout E: Rower Intervals

Beginner : 6–8 sets of 250m
Advanced : 4–6 sets of 500m
Rest time is equal to the rowing time

Workout F: Tabata Protocol

(20 sec on,10 sec off) or (10 sec on,20 sec off)

Rest 2–3 minutes after the tabata and perform a second round.

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