The Best Alternative to
google-images-download for the Moment

Unfortunately, the google-images-download is dead due to the restriction of Google. So it is not convenient to download bulks of images from the Internet.

Thus, I found this alternative python script:


git clone
cd flickr_scraper
pip install -U -r requirements.txt


Request a Flickr API key:

Write your API key and secret in L9-L10:

key = ''
secret = ''

Download images

once you set up your environment, let’s move on to the command usage

python --search 'your_key_words' --n 10 --download#If your keyword include a space, please replace the space with _(underline) or the program won't download images# --n 10 is to download 10 images, you can change to any number you want but please make sure don't overuse it, or you may be banned from flickr

All the images will be saved in flickr_scraper/images