Python 100天-從新手到大師學習筆記Day39:NoSQL入門




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pip install pymongo-------------------------------------------------------------------->>> from pymongo import MongoClient
>>> client = MongoClient('mongodb://')
>>> db =
>>> for student in db.students.find():
... print('学号:', student['stuid'])
... print('姓名:', student['name'])
... print('电话:', student['tel'])
学号: 1001.0
姓名: 骆昊
电话: 13566778899
学号: 1002.0
姓名: 王大锤
电话: 13012345678
学号: 1003.0
姓名: 白元芳
电话: 13022223333
>>> db.students.find().count()
>>> db.students.remove()
{'n': 3, 'ok': 1.0}
>>> db.students.find().count()
>>> coll = db.students
>>> from pymongo import ASCENDING
>>> coll.create_index([('name', ASCENDING)], unique=True)
>>> coll.insert_one({'stuid': int(1001), 'name': '骆昊', 'gender': True})
<pymongo.results.InsertOneResult object at 0x1050cc6c8>
>>> coll.insert_many([{'stuid': int(1002), 'name': '王大锤', 'gender': False}, {'stuid': int(1003), 'name': '白元芳', 'gender': True}])
<pymongo.results.InsertManyResult object at 0x1050cc8c8>
>>> for student in coll.find({'gender': True}):
... print('学号:', student['stuid'])
... print('姓名:', student['name'])
... print('性别:', '男' if student['gender'] else '女')
学号: 1001
姓名: 骆昊
性别: 男
学号: 1003
姓名: 白元芳
性别: 男

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