NVIDIA Jetson TX2學習筆記(四): VNC、SSH、FTP遠端連線控制


怎么样用 TeamViewer 和 VNC 从远程控制电脑TX2遠程控制(X11VNC成功)1.在TX2上安裝x11vncsudo apt-get install x11vnc
x11vnc -storepasswd
Enter VNC password:
Verify password:
Write password to /home/morvan/.vnc/passwd? [y]/n y
Password written to: /home/morvan/.vnc/passwd
sudo x11vnc -storepasswd [your_password] /etc/x11vnc.passx11vnc -forever2.TX2輸入ifconfig指令
找出inet addr:192.168.X.X為結尾的IP位置(此數字即為內網IP位置)
3.使用VNC Viewer登入


Linux for Tegra
Configuring VNC from the command-line
A VNC server allows access to the graphical display of a Linux for Tegra systemover the network. This allows you to work physically remote from the Linux for Tegra system, and avoids the need to connect an HDMI display, USB keyboard, or mouse.All commands specified below should be executed from a terminal on the Linux
for Tegra system. This could be a serial port, an SSH session, or a graphical
terminal application running on the HDMI display.
Installing the VNC Server
It is expected that the VNC server software is pre-installed. Execute the following commands to ensure that it is:sudo apt update
sudo apt install vino
Enabling the VNC Server
Execute the following commands to enable the VNC server:# Enable the VNC server to start each time you log in
sudo ln -s ../vino-server.service \
# Configure the VNC server
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino prompt-enabled false
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false
# Set a password to access the VNC server
# Replace thepassword with your desired password
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino authentication-methods "['vnc']"
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino vnc-password $(echo -n 'thepassword'|base64)
# Reboot the system so that the settings take effect
sudo reboot
The VNC server is only available after you have logged in to Jetson locally. If
you wish VNC to be available automatically, use the system settings application
to enable automatic login.
Connecting to the VNC server
Use any standard VNC client application to connect to the VNC server that is running on Linux for Tegra. Popular examples for Linux are gvncviewer and remmina. Use your own favorite client for Windows or MacOS.To connect, you will need to know the IP address of the Linux for Tegra system.Execute the following command to determine the IP address:ifconfigSearch the output for the text "inet addr:" followed by a sequence of four numbers, for the relevant network interface (e.g. eth0 for wired Ethernet, wlan0 for WiFi, or l4tbr0 for the USB device mode Ethernet connection).Once you are connected to the VNC server, execute the following command to display the VNC server's graphical configuration tool, and then configure a password for the VNC connection:vino-preferences


登入至其他電腦      openssh-client
遠端連接到此電腦 openssh-server
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
找出inet addr:192.168.X.X為結尾的IP位置(此數字即為內網IP位置)
怎麼樣從Windows通過SSH 遠程Linux - Linux 簡易教學| 莫煩Python
TX2從入門到放棄學習筆記(2)-配置解決Windows遠端連線至Linux系統的「Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display;」或「Cannot connect to display;」問題


找出inet addr:192.168.X.X為結尾的IP位置(此數字即為內網IP位置)

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