How to Set up Blender Languages on Ubuntu

In this article, We will learn how to set up Chinese Traditional Language in Blender using Ubuntu.

1. Install Ubuntu

Just open the Ubuntu store, search for Ubuntu, download and install it

2. Search the location of the Zh-tw support fonts.

open your command line by press 「Ctrl+Alt+T

# output the fonts support Zh-tw$  fc-list :lang=zh

once you get the output, just copy this one:


Paste it on Blender

At this moment your Blender should have been installed, open it

and click「Edit->Preference->Interface, Check Translation and select the Language "正體中文(繁體中文)」

In the Text Rendering section, paste the location from the last step to Interface Font

Finally, make sure you check all the options inside Translation. Then you could find that the interface has been changed to 繁體中文.

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