How to Get The Latest Video from Your Favorite YouTube Channel with Any RSS Service?

Image that you have subscribed so many YouTube Channels(It’s 349 channels for me😂). Every time you open your YouTube Subscription page, you don’t know which one to watch. So you waste so much time to look at the appealing thumbnail but still not sure to choose which one to watch?

Today I will help you save the time and enjoy your life


Open this page and scroll down to the bottom


You can find a button called “export subscription”. Just click it


Once you click it, it’s going to download a file “subscription_manager.xml”


Open your favorite RSS service(Feedly for me, I use it for at least 7 to 8 years) and find the import option to import this file “subscription_manager.xml”


Just wait for the new feed appear in your RSS service.


Now you have known how to use RSS service to get the latest video from YouTube Channel. And you don’t need to binge-surfing the subscription page anymore.

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