Python影像辨識筆記(三十二):Concept Learners for Few-Shot Learning

PyTorch 1.5版本的安裝方式#scanpy安裝錯誤所以參考這裡解決
pip install scanpy --ignore-installed llvmlite
pip install wandb
pip install anndata
git clone
cd comet
#CUB dataset
cd CUB/filelists/CUB/
source ./
#Tabula Muris dataset
cd TM/filelists/tabula_muris/
source ./
cd comet/CUB/python ./ --dataset CUB --model Conv4NP --method comet --train_augpython ./ --dataset CUB --model Conv4NP --method comet --train_aug#其中model可以更換
Conv4 = backbone.Conv4
Conv4NP = backbone.Conv4NP
Conv4S = backbone.Conv4S
Conv6 = backbone.Conv6
Conv6NP = backbone.Conv6NP
ResNet10 = backbone.ResNet10
ResNet10NP = backbone.ResNet10NP
ResNet18 = backbone.ResNet18
ResNet34 = backbone.ResNet34
ResNet50 = backbone.ResNet50
ResNet101 = backbone.ResNet101



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