Python影像辨識筆記(三十六):Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-time with Adaptive Instance Normalization

* Given a content input and a style input, AdaIN simply adjusts the mean and variance of the content input to match those of the style input.- This approach can transfer arbitrary new styles in real-time.
# 訓練
git clone
cd Pytorch_AdaIN
# 將風格圖片(style)放入到style資料夾、想進行風格轉換的圖片(content)放入到content資料夾,並透過以下指令即可進行訓練。python
# 測試(在content和style各放入1個圖片路徑)(也可使用for迴圈,將多張圖片一次轉換成特定的風格)
python -c content_image_path -s style_image_path



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