A Multithreading Example on Python Web Crawling

Before the article begins, I want to tell you why I wrote this crawler. Every month my school always buy books in bulk and it’s not so convenient to check the titles of those books from the library website, because there are a lot of information which made me get distracted.

I just want to know what’s new on the shelf

So last year, I wrote a crawler to collect all the new books titles from the library website.

Everything seems pretty fine. The only drawback of my program was that the performance’s too bad. It took me 190.1 sec to collect all the information (2186 books).

Today, I re-write my code to improve its performance and I am pretty satisfied with the result. It took only 83.9 sec on the task (2186 books).

Below are the different version codes I want to share with you guys:

original version ( 190.1 sec)

“list.txt” contains the link from my school’s library website, I just want you guys know how to use multithreading to improve the performance, so please don’t ask me the “list.txt” file.

Multithreading version ( 83.9 sec)

The difference between these two version is that I save the url in list.txt firstly and def bookInfo function then use concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor to execute bookInfo function and give it url as its parameter.


After this article, you should learn how to implement Multithreading on your own python programming project.


Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Python / Flutter cakeresume.com/yanwei-liu

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