3D Printer Troubleshooting: Printer can’t move smoothly and print out things correctly

As you can see from the title, My 3D printer (Creality CR2020)has not been functioning properly for almost a month. Finally, I figured out the solution after I finished my BIG dinner (Full of chicken😂)

The Problem:

Printer can’t move smoothly (Y-Axis) and the origin coordinate of the machine changes from bottom left corner to the middle of the print bed. Also, when I try to print something, the print out model always looks pretty weird.

The way I solve this problem:

The Main Cause:

The corner screw of the Y-axis step motor loose so that the printer can’t move smoothly and it affects the origin coordinates.

The Result:

After I fasten the screw, I use manual mode to move the Y-axis and it works.
I set the printer to original point mode, the center backs to bottom left corner again.

So I try to print a Key Chain and it works correctly.


My original thought was that the machine had reached its final day of life but after I fasten the screw, the printer works again.

and I think that there’s some similarity between coding and fixing machine.

Every time we encounter a new problem (ex: 3D printer or coding…..) and it’s hard to solve, we should tell ourself that:

We just not yet find the suitable solution for our problem. We should not give up, we should still try another way to solve these hard things.

You should believe that one day, your problem would be solved and you will learn so much from the journey to your HARD problem.


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